NO Talking
TV  Radio  Phone
Music  Reading*
Computer or Internet

No Talk is a consecration of silence
involving abstaining from all human communication
where possible.

That means NO talking, television, radio, reading*, computer use, phone use, music, no anything of human origin if it can be helped.

Read Is It For Me to determine if you should try No Talk days.
Read the FAQs for the purpose and questions about No Talk.

The number of No Talk days that is best for you varies from 12 hours (1/2 day) up to 7 days. The longer the number of No Talk days, the more you will benefit. To test No Talk, try it for a minimum of 12 hours. Begin upon waking and end 12 hours later. If you awake at 6 AM,  observe No Talk until 6 PM. The first 12 hours are the hardest but it gives you an idea of No Talk’s benefit for you. Three No Talk days are often the most efficient for many because three days usually requires only one missed day from a job. Three days is also usually the minimum days for transformation.

To find out more about No Talk and whether this may be for you, read Is It For Me? and the FAQs.

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