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Is No Talk for me? Is this something that I should do?

These are three questions that you should ask yourself if you are considering No Talk.

#1. Is my mind constantly buzzing with stuff?
   Do you worry a lot?
   Can’t stop thinking about negative things?
   Do you desire more peace in your life?
   Want a better spiritual relationship?
   Just feel sometimes like pulling the “Emergency Stop” cord?

Then you should strongly consider No Talk as a way to help you calm down, get apart, find your true self and purpose and get closer to the Creator of all.

#2. Can you (or will you) take time to get away to be alone?
It will take isolation for you to do No Talk days. You can’t work (unless your work is non-electronic and you can do it alone), be with family and friends (unless they are doing No Talk also), or carry on the average day-to-day activities. You must commit to time and perhaps resources to get away and be alone. If your work involves reading then you can’t work during No Talk. Manual labor such as gardening, carpentry, sewing, etc. is actually good during No Talk.

#3. Do you have the will and discipline to simply be quiet for your determined time?
Silence and isolation are initially not as easy as it may sound. It can be very difficult as you adjust to the transition. During No Talk you will come face to face with YOU! Can you handle what’s really in your mind and spirit? Once we are alone and quiet, the things that are inside of us start to come out. Good or bad, No Talk will bring you closer to the real you than you’ve ever been and you won’t be the same after No Talk. You can be a real interesting thing to handle and you must be determined to see No Talk through.

If you are unsure, try No Talk for one-half of a day (12 hours) to get an idea of the power of No Talk. Of course the longer the number of No Talk days, the greater your benefit but 12 hours will give you an idea of the peace and revelation that comes with No Talk.

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